Are you sometimes bored reading books to your child?

Well Guess what?   Actually TELLING the story vs. READING the story can enhance the experience between you and your child. When you are being told a story things change dramatically in the way your brain processes the experience.  Not only are the language processing parts of your brain activated but other areas in your brain that you would use when experiencing the events of the story are too. - The focus of Curly Clues Club- monthly subscription boxes is social and emotional development. Telling the story using vocal variations, and exaggerating hand and body gestures enhances the emotional connection between you and your child- and guess what?  This is when Learning is optimized!  Just try and See!   

The first box offered has a theme of FRIENDSHIP-  This box contains the wonderful children's book "Rainbow Fish to the Rescue". Included in the box is a detailed 12 page booklet with suggestions and instructions on reading the book and doing all the FUN activities that your child will want to repeat again and again.   Activities inside include a cooperative board game,  a science activity to make bubble blowers, a craft and a cooking activity.  Plus other suggestions and developmental guidelines.   Try it out!  Sign Up TODAY.   Connect- Grow and Learn with your Children!



Jane Koerbel