Valentine's Day: Activity Ideas and Free Downloads

Happy Valentines Day!!  A day all about celebrating love and the people in our lives!  Below are some wonderful activities to do with your children today and throughout the month of February which is the month of LOVE.

Heart-Shaped Friendship Bracelets: A fun and simple craft to make friendship bracelets out of craft foam and yarn. Encourage your child to give these bracelets to their friends or siblings along with a compliment about what makes them a great friend!

DIY Marbled Paper: This may seem messy, but boy is it fun! Use shaving cream to make beautiful colorful paper. Your child is sure to love it. Instructions and video included in this link.

Coffee Filter Hearts Window Decorations: Have some spare coffee filters in your cupboard? Try this cute and cheap craft to decorate your home for Valentine's Day.

Printable Valentine's Greeting Cards: Print a few of these and color them in to your child. Give them out to family members, neighbors, or a random stranger to spread the love :)

Jane Koerbel