Encouraging Creativity: Sculpting a Chair from Model Magic

Included in the March Box is Model Magic, paints, a paintbrush and beads to make 2-3 individual chairs. In the book, A Chair for my Mother, the family is saving money to buy a new chair because they lost all of their possessions in a fire. They end up picking out a very colorful chair to serve as a gathering point for their new home.

Let your children be creative with the clay, molding and shaping and adding the beads and paints in their own creative way! What’s important in any creative act is the process of self-expression. Creative experiences can help children express and cope with their feelings. So let your child create and be there to ask them questions and comment on what they are doing. Resist the temptation to offer your suggestion of how they should be doing it.

Creative expression leads to an ability to understand another person’s perspective and to learn to cope with feelings. This is important for social and emotional development. You can help by talking with your child about what they are molding and by praising their effort and uniqueness.

Remember it’s the process that matters, not the end result. Proudly display your children’s works of art. If they are interested you might purchase additional model magic or clay to make other pieces of furniture. You may be surprised that this could last for several days and make many different rooms of furniture. Encourage these types of open ended creative sessions by supplying a space in your home to keep it safe and out of the way.

Remember to give your child ample opportunities for creative expression in the early years. This can significantly enhance the development of creativity!


Curly Clues Club is a monthly box delivery service for kids ages 3-8, focused on social and emotional development. All boxes include original content designed with love by a speech & language pathologist.

Jane Koerbel