How To Promote Acts of Kindness in Preschool

Curly Clues Club is being used in preschools and early elementary grades as well. Of course, teachers, social workers and other therapists might have ideas on how to adapt the materials that are in the box to meet to their students’ needs.

One preschool used the kindness jar to talk about kind deeds that make friends feel loved. Each child had the opportunity to tell the class about one example of an act of kindness with a friend. The teacher wrote the act down on a piece of paper and each child put their response in the jar.

Next, she gave the students a large 36” x 36” piece of paper and some markers and the children all drew “acts of Kindness”. This was a great way to allow the children to creatively express their thoughts. Such a fun extension activity to add to the Kindness Jar activity!

Jane Koerbel