Introducing our Sibling Conflict box!

We are so excited to announce our newest box, all about Sibling Conflict! This topic is one of our most requested theme from our fans. Sibling conflict is very common but hard to manage. Curly Clues Club recommends focusing on calming strategies and cooperative play with your children, which is what this box is all about!

Included in this box is Bug and Boo, a book written by a school psychologist and father of two, Kyle Carlin. The book is all about sibling conflict and the feelings that surround the outbursts that happen when siblings are learning how to share, to cooperate and to manage their emotions. If your child doesn’t have a sibling, this also applies to getting along with friends.


Inside the box, you will also find some yoga cards from Yoga is a good way to teach children (and adults!) calming strategies and to be mindful in their bodies. Even if you have never done yoga, you will find this activity easy and fun.

yoga cards pic for blog.jpg

The self-expression activity is making tissue paper flowers. Spring has arrived! Creativity encourages children to express their emotions and also plays a part in helping children to regulate all of their emotions.

On the theme of creativity, we have also included a set of costume masks to decorate and to use in role playing ‘good’ guys and ‘bad’ guys, which teaches children to understand a perspective of another person.


Lastly a jigsaw puzzle is included in your box. In the booklet of instructions, we suggest with some different strategies of ways to cooperatively put the puzzle together to make the experience more fun, challenging, and educational! Taking turns and sharing is something that is often difficult for siblings/friends to do. 

We can't wait to hear how your kids relate to the story of Bug and Boo and how you connect, learn and grow together with this box!

Jane Koerbel