Introducing our Confidence Box!

Our new Curly Clues Club Box is possibly our favorite box yet! This box is all about Confidence and Creativity. Encouraging creativity in your child and letting them explore lots of new ideas using all their senses leads to a CONFIDENT and courageous child!

First it includes a gorgeous hardback book, What Do You Do with an Idea? by Kobi Yamada and illustrated so beautifully by Mae Besom. We guarantee you will treasure this one! Our wonderful graphic designer, Caroline Simpson has adorable 1 year old twins and she is so excited to read this one even to her babies!

File_000 (4).jpeg

There is an original game included in this box. We listened to you when some of you said that your kids love the games in the boxes! “YES YOU CAN!” is a following directions game that we created with some fun and crazy twists that will delight your children and inspire creativity!


Since the weather is turning to spring across the country, we designed a special Scavenger Hunt to get your kids outside, exploring nature, and gathering items for a nature collection. Our Scavenger Hunt is unique and leaves room for creative thoughts and problem solving.


The Art Project this month is ……open-ended! We include a bag of supplies and you are encouraged to add some of your own as well. Maybe you use some of the items you gather on your Scavenger Hunt?! Watch your child and resist the urge to give them the idea. Kids are naturally creative and will come up with ideas and inventions given time, space, and a few materials.

The last item in this month’s Super Box are question cards to spark a deeper conversation and connection with your kids. Parents complain that their kids won’t talk to them. So here you go! You will find this fun and fascinating and hopefully will lead to some good conversations with your children today and as they get older.

Curly Clues Club is a monthly box delivery service for kids ages 3-8, focused on social and emotional development. All boxes include original content designed with love by a speech & language pathologist.

Jane Koerbel