Hot Book Alert: Good People Everywhere

We are constantly inundated with bad news. Unfortunately, the news is often slanted and kids are also exposed to this by hearing it around them and watching it on the screen. It is impossible to shelter your child, and it is probably not necessary. What is important is that parents are aware and that they TALK to their kids about it.

By age 4-5 years most kids are very aware of differences in people. This is a perfect time to talk about how there are good people everywhere! In our world, we tend to categorize people into good and bad, right and wrong, rich and poor. We do it without even being aware!

For this topic, I love the book “Good People Everywhere” by Lynea Gillen! I found at my favorite bookstore in Denver, Colorado - Second Star to the Right. If you need a good starting place for your young children, take a peek at this book for some discussion ideas.


Talk as a family about people that might be different than you. Approach it from how we are all the same. Part of the human race. Write down a list of the people in your community that are doing good things for you. Use the gratitude cards from the FAMILY box to pass out to those people this week!

Jane Koerbel