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Interactive, playful boxes

Each box explores a social-emotional development theme through a carefully chosen children's book and several activities as well as an informational booklet to help you magically connect and play with your children. Our boxes focus on social and emotional development as it is an essential factor in how children feel about themselves, how they behave, and how they relate to other people.We hand craft the activities to be played interactively alongside your children, as kids learn best through play!


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Serving children in medical crisis


Connor, the little guy in the above photos, started a movement for Curly Clues Club. Through his occupational therapist at Children’s Hospital Colorado we have donated 4 boxes to him during his 6 month stay for chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. His story inspired our first fundraising campaign which led to an additional 72 boxes delivered to his wing for other patients to enjoy.  

Consider donating a box today to bring joy to kids who are facing extended stays in the hospital at the worst time of year to be away from home.

“My favorite part about the boxes is that there is an amazing book included in each box. Reading it together and then doing the activities makes it different than other activity boxes out there. The boxes kept him entertained for hours, but each activity isn’t too time consuming so he didn’t lose interest or get tired. Everything we needed was included so we didn’t have to worry about additional materials while in the hospital."

- Connor's mom, Jennifer
Jane dropping off a shipment of donated boxes at Children's Hospital Colorado

Jane dropping off a shipment of donated boxes at Children's Hospital Colorado

About Us

After years of working one-on-one with young kids on developing social and emotional skills, Jane noticed a common need among her clients. Busy parents were eager to engage in meaningful play with their kids. But often, these parents lacked the time to find creative games to play with their kids and the knowledge of how to develop their children's social and emotional skills. In our fast paced and technologically charged world, face time sometimes takes a back seat.  Early in a child's life they learn best from their parents and adult caregivers and from friends/siblings.  Play is the vehicle in teaching children the nuances of the social and emotional realm. 

That's where Curly Clues Club comes in! Jane and her team  are excited to take the burden off parents, giving them back time that they can invest in playing with their kids. Together the Curly Clues Club team has personally designed 7 themed boxes with the intention of helping kids to spark creativity, connect socially, and grow emotionally. We hope you will enjoy playing with the Club as much as we enjoy creating it.